Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hi! Welcome to my little place...

You may be wondering about the name of my blog...

  • first, it is a play on the pronunciation of my last name.
  • second, as a mom, I've heard "wanna know what?"  from my kids more times than I can count.  And really, they probably get it from me.  I love finding out new stuff and sharing what I have learned. Whether it is about health, homemaking, or The Lord - I love finding little nuggets of truth and passing them on.   And so, that is what you will find here - little nuggets of truth or wisdom. 

I have the pleasure of leading some women in a regular bible study.  We are currently studying the Book of James.  So, as I develop lessons for this group, my plan is to also bring the devotional to you.  

Thanks for joining me!

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